4 Ways to Ensure You Fulfill Your Potential

In my latest  guest post for MindBodyGreen, I discuss four common attitudes that get in the way of people fulfilling their dreams – and what you can do about them. I hope you enjoy it!

Is there anyone who doesn’t ultimately aspire to live a life filled with enthusiasm and passion? We all want to make the most of our talents and become the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be, right?

I’d say yes, as would most people, I think. But then why do so many of us settle for a life of mediocrity, in which we spend our time yearning for bigger and better things instead of actually going after them?

In my experience, there are a few pretty common obstacles that get in the way of living in a way that fully supports becoming the self-actualized person we were meant to be. Do you see yourself in any of them? If so, I’ve offered some potential remedies …

1. Fear of failure

Our culture teaches us that failure should be avoided at all costs. So, instead of taking chances out of a place of excitement and passion, we choose to stay safe so as to avoid putting energy into something that doesn’t guarantee a successful outcome.

Sure, this approach may help us to avoid the possibility of making a “mistake,” but it often prevents us from experiencing self-trust, joy and fulfillment.

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