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Hi, I’m Dr. Patricia Thompson (but please call me Patricia)!

I love tennis, watching home repair shows, and spending time with my family. I’m also a corporate psychologist and executive coach, and across the years, I’ve worked with clients ranging from college students to Fortune 500 CEOs, helping them them to uncover their strengths, find purpose in their life and work, and achieve their goals. Now, I speak, write, coach, and teach to help others to be more successful in their careers by harnessing the principles of psychology and mindfulness.

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Check out my helpful courses and books on leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness that will help you to make powerful changes, both personally and professionally.


Find out about the consulting work I do through my company, Silver Lining Psychology. With services that include executive coaching, training, and personality assessment for selection, I can help you to make the most of the talent in your organization.

Key Note Speeches with Dr. Patricia Thompson

Across my career, I’ve spoken with audiences ranging from community organizers, to college students, to senior executives about to how to apply the principles of positive psychology to achieve greater joy and success at work. I love blending research with storytelling to encourage people to look within, banish self-doubt, and maximize their impact in the world.

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