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5 Signs You’re Being Overworked

Learn the 5 signs you're being overworked and how to combat them as Dr. Patricia Thompson discuss the how to disconnect and enjoy a proper work-life balance.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Thompson 

Dr. Patricia Thompson discusses how high Emotional Intelligence can develop great relationships, create a positive environment, and help succeed in both your personal and professional life.

How to Set Boundaries in a New Job

One of the most overlooked perks of starting a new job is the opportunity to set new boundaries to protect yourself from burnout.

Interviewers Are Looking for Emotional Intelligence-So Be Prepared for These Questions

Dr. Patricia Thompson weigh in on emotional intelligence and why it's so important.

Signs of a Toxic Work Culture - And How To Correct Them

Dr. Patricia Thompson shares how toxic work environments could negatively impact organizations. 

The Pros and Cons of 360 Reviews

Expert Dr. Patricia Thompson shares why 360 reviews can be beneficial to an individual.

5 Signs Comeone Lacks Empathy & How to Practice it at Work 

Dr. Patricia Thompson discusses why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Essential For Leadership

Dr. Patricia Thompson discusses the need for leaders across all organizations to develop emotional intelligence.

Try a DIY Wellness Retreat (Without Leaving Your House)

Dr. Patricia Thompson chimes in on the importance of at-home wellness.

Why a Strong Relationship Between HR and Your CEO Matters 

Dr. Patricia Thompson talks about why it's important to have HR inclusivity within a company.

How Work-Life Balance Can Make You a Better Employee

Dr. Patricia Thompson explains how  working with no life balance can cause feelings of powerlessness and resentment.

3 Effective Tips on How Women Can Be More Assertive in the Workplace

Expert Dr. Patricia Thompson shares why speaking up in the workplace is important.

'Working For a Micromanager Destroyed My Self-Esteem'

In this article, Dr. Patricia Thompson talks about how to communicate with a micromanaging boss.

How to be a Compassionate and Authentic Leader

In this podcast, Dr. Patricia Thompson explains how you can become engaged and visible as an introvert during work meetings.

14 Ways To Be More Positive, According to Psychologists

In this article, Dr. Patricia Thompson weighs in on how to be more positive.

Why You May Be Anxious About Isolation Ending, Even If You Miss Normal Life

In this article, Dr. Patricia Thompson weighs in on mixed emotions with COVID-19 isolation ending.

Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance

In this podcast with Jen McFarland, I share some helpful tips for applying mindfulness principles in times of crisis.

Experts Weigh in on Mental Health and COVID-19

Experts including Dr. Patricia Thompson, answer questions on how to care for your mental health during these uncertain times.  

Exploring Mindfulness with a Corporate Psychologist - Flipping the Script

If you are curious about mindfulness and want to explore it through the lens of a highly respected Corporate Psychologist, listen to this episode. 

How to Mentally Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic - ShineText

Is the unknown about the Coronavirus news giving you anxiety? Dr. Patricia Thompson explains how to set healthy boundaries and still stay informed.

When it's Okay to Refuse a Promotion - Ascend

Most articles on the web are about how to ask for a promotion, but what if you want to refuse?

How to Deal With Wedding Guilt During This Time - Wedding Wire

Psychologist and coach, Dr. Patricia Thompson, weighs in on how to enjoy the wedding process as much as possible during this time.

Coronavirus News Giving You Anxiety? Here's How to Set Healthy Boundaries - ShineText

Therapists, including Dr. Patricia Thompson, answer your top questions about coronavirus anxiety.

You Just Lost Your Temper at Work. Now What?

In order for a team to function effectively, comfortability with giving and receiving feedback is important. In this article, guest Dr. Patricia Thompson explains why safety with words is important.

Mindfulness & Radical Acceptance During COVID-19 - Jen McFarland

Patricia Thompson is back on the show to chat about mindfulness during crisis. She also introduces us to the concept of radical acceptance. Learn why radical self-acceptance is so crucial during times of extreme uncertainty, like we are experiencing now with COVID-19.

Minimize Vacation Spending Guilt - Opp Loans

Patricia Thompson, PhD, a corporate psychologist and author of The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others…and in Yourself, recommends taking a step back and starting with some inner reflection.

You Just Lost Your Temper at Work. Now What? - Harvard Business Review

Let’s face it, work can be stressful. There comes a time where you blow up at a colleague and lose your temper. Patricia Thompson, PhD, corporate psychologist, and president of Silver Lining Psychology shares tips on how to proceed when this happens.

Managing Workplace Stress - MidDay Live with Dr. Drew

In this episode from May 17, 2019, Patricia spoke with with LeeAnn Tweeden and guest co-host Bobby Chacon about workplace stress, burnout, and the value of taking mental health breaks.

Why Mental Health Breaks Are Good For Business - Shine Text

An obvious fact: It’s impossible to turn a mental health issue on and off with the snap of a finger.

Your Complete Guide to Mental Health Days - Shine Text

Picture this: You’re frustrated, stressed, anxious—or, a combination of the three. You take a look at your calendar, and realize it’s been jam-packed for the past few weeks. 

Taking Back Your Time: How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage of at Work - Health E Careers

Patricia Thompson, PhD, corporate psychologist, and president of Silver Lining Psychology explains why sometimes we are being taken advantage of at work.

Mindfulness, Joy, Fear, Work-Life Balance, and Much More - Kosmopolites

In this interview with Kosmopolites, I get personal, and share my story as an entrepreneur, as well as some insights about fear, self-judgment, and achievement.

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in the Workplace - Stepping Up Podcast

Patricia Thompson is a working mom who left her corporate job when her son was just a year old. During this conversation Patricia and I talk about her journey as a working mom, the risks she took to become an entrepreneur, and much more.

Why Mindfulness Makes You a Better Leader - Third Paddle Podcast

Corporate psychologist and mindfulness expert Patricia Thompson, Ph.D., helps us bridge the gaps between leadership, work-life balance, and mindfulness. If you’ve ever questioned why ‘soft skills’ matter, you won’t wonder again after this interview. 

How to Tell Your Boss You Don't Want a Promotion - Harvard Business Review

There’s an unspoken assumption in our culture that if you’re a motivated and driven professional who is serious about your career, you’ll want to move up the corporate ladder. As a result, articles abound on how to ask for a promotion, how to prove yourself after being promoted, and how to cope if you are passed over for one

Your 4-Step Plan to Securing a Promotion—Without Burning Out - Shine Text

You’ve been working at your job for a while now, and feel like you could do it in your sleep. You’re ready for a new challenge.

You feel like a step up the corporate ladder is just what you need to boost your career (not to mention your financial situation).

How to Give Feedback Without Making it Weird - Rewire

Let’s be frank about something: giving feedback can be tough.

Critiquing someone or telling them where they went wrong can feel awkward and uncomfortable. But, here’s the thing: no one is perfect and everyone – yes, even you – can benefit from a bit of constructive criticism every now and then. How else do you expect to grow and learn from your mistakes?

This is Why Your Efforts to Be a Better Boss are Backfiring - The Muse

As an executive coach, I constantly have clients coming to me for techniques to help them build stronger relationships at work. Some want to know how they can better motivate their employees, while others are focused on improving their communicationor influence.

But when I’m giving tips, I’m always quick to point out that simply applying a technique isn’t enough to achieve what they want. Often, what’s even more important is how—and why—they do it.

5 Ways to Become a Better Leader - Monster

When it comes to leadership, some qualities are intangible. But others can be directly assessed. For instance, research has linked effective leadership to the amount of sleep executives are getting. (Not surprisingly, the more sleep they get, the more effectively they lead.

You’re probably pretty set in your extroversion or introversion, but what else can you do to be a better leader for your team? Try these strategies to improve your management game.

Work-Life Balance is a Myth -- Aim for Alignment Instead - Shine Text

Ever since I finished grad school and entered the work world, I wanted to have that perfect 50 percent life 50 percent work kind of dream. And, up until a while ago, I somehow felt like I was coming close to managing it.

How your Job Can Impact Your Health - and Your Weight - Business Insider

Stress from your job can be more impactful on your health than you think. Psychologist Patricia Thompson reveals how your job stress can not just cause heart issues, but also weight gain, according to research.

Why You Need to Make Sure You Use Your Vacation Time - Focus Atlanta

In this television interview, Dr. Patricia Thompson talks with Keisha Lancelin about the importance of taking vacations for being less stressed and more productive in the workplace.

Why Using Mindfulness is the Key to Success - Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast

In this podcast Dr. Thompson talks with Diane Selbig about how mindfulness can help you to be more productive at less stressed at work.

Emotional Wellness: 3 Tips for a Healthier Workplace - Business News Daily

We often hear companies boasting about their health initiatives, like offering wholesome snacks and encouraging breaks for physical activity throughout the day. However, it’s not as common that emotional wellness is emphasized

In the Workplace Interview - Wharton Business Radio

In this interview, Dr. Patricia Thompson talked about all things leadership with Peter Capelli and Dan O’Meara on In the Workplace on Wharton Business Radio on SIRIUSXM.

5 Very Rare Instances It’s Worth Staying In A Toxic Workplace - Fast Company

You already know a toxic workplace can make you miserable and impact your health and well-being. But when you enjoy the work that you do, there are rare instances where it might be worth staying–though they are few and far between. 

If You Want to Be a Great Leader, You Should Stop Using These Phrases Now - INC

When you’re a manager, your employees are constantly watching to see how you behave and what you say. As a result, it’s important to be intentional about your choice of words in any setting.

Why Women are More Stressed Out at Work - Moneyish

Fifty-eight percent of women feel stressed at work, a new study suggests. Here are expert tips on how to manage mental health in and out of the office.

Dealing with Decision Fatigue - This Morning with Gordon Deal

Decision fatigue got you down? Corporate Psychologist Patricia Thompson breaks down some ways around it.

These are the Loneliest Jobs in America - Moneyish

The verdict is in: Lawyers and doctors are among America’s loneliest workers. According to a new survey in the Harvard Business Review, they’re followed by people who work in engineering and science as the most isolating professions — which can result in lower job satisfaction, getting fewer promotions, a higher staff turnover rate, and a greater chance of quitting within the next six months. Workers who are single, childless, non-heterosexual or non-religious are also more likely to be lonely.

Mindfulness in Coaching - Patricia Thompson on the Star Coach Podcast

Having a daily mindfulness practice can alter our perception in just about every area of life. We often use mindfulness as a calming or centering practice for our clients, but have you ever stopped to consider it as another coaching tool? Dr. Patricia Thompson visits the show to speak on her experiences combining executive coaching with mindfulness and the power it brings to her executive coaching practice.

Should You Be Your Authentic Self at Work? - Garrison Institute

When I began my career as a management consultant, I was reluctant to be authentic. As a Black female who had just finished grad school, I was all too aware of potential negative stereotypes that others might have about me based on my age, gender, and race. As a result, I made it my mission to come across as pulled together, polished, and serious at all times.

The Motivating Question Most Bosses Don't Think to Ask - The Muse

As any manager knows: Setting goals for your team often feels more challenging than it should. After all, a goal is just a sentence or two. But when you’re a manager, you need to not only connect them to larger company goals, but also ensure that your team will be motivated enough to complete them.

Is There a Place for Compassion in Business? - Garrison Institute

I recently coached a senior executive I’ll call Stephanie, who was grappling with a pretty common dilemma in the business world: her organization’s profits were nowhere near where they had been projected to be, and her impatient CEO wasn’t happy about it.

4 Ways You Can Motivate Your Team to Do More Work (More Often) - The Muse

As a boss, you’re probably doing all you can to help your team perform at its best. If you’re like some of the most successful leaders (which I hope you are!), you’re focused on setting challenging goalsrunning effective meetings, and using best practices for delegation. Still, as you fine-tune your management style, there’s one powerful habit you may be overlooking:

This Is How You Repair Your Reputation After a Bad Performance Review - Forbes

So, you just got out of your performance review and it was not good. Whether you were anticipating the bad news or it was a total surprise, it stings. You might currently be feeling some combination of embarrassment, disappointment, shock, fear, and anger, or you’re worried that your job may be on shaky ground.

How to Stop Doing Your Co-Workers' Work for Them - Fast Company

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an activity at work that you really wished you hadn’t agreed to? Maybe you ended up joining the company softball team, even though you hate sports and are embarrassed by your inability to throw in a straight line.

Made a Mistake? How to Get Your Damaged Reputation Back - The Mission

Italian historian Francesco Guicciardini wrote, “A good reputation is like the cypress; once cut, it never puts forth leaf again.”While this statement might seem pretty hardcore, the truth is that once your reputation takes a hit, it can be incredibly challenging to repair it.

Self-Management vs. Time-Management: What You Need to Know - The Mission

Back when I was in university, I was pretty lax about managing my time. If I had a mid-term or final coming up, I was notorious for waiting until the week of the exam to crack open my books to read the assigned material.

Want to Truly Help Others? Be Less Empathetic - The Mission

I’ve always been someone who valued being of service to others. Like a lot of people, I was taught “tis better to give than to receive” and that I should “love thy neighbor as thyself.” I’ve always rooted for the underdog and been drawn to want to help others in need.

The Most Crucial Factor In Changing Your Habits For Good: A Psychologist Explains - MindBodyGreen

Based on your choice of reading material, it seems reasonable to suggest you’ve resolved to make changes to your lifestyle sometime in the past, in an effort to become healthier. You’re probably in the midst of trying to make such a change even now. Maybe you decided that you were going to ditch sugar or that you wanted to exercise more. Maybe you decided to watch less TV.

4 Steps to Creating a Shared Vision that Will Energize Your Team - Vunela

Successful leaders know the importance of creating a strong shared vision for their teams. A compelling vision enables the leader to anticipate an exciting future. And, when confidently communicated to the team, an inspiring vision provides a rallying cry that energizes everyone to accomplish big things.

5 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs - Thrive Global

We all have 24 hours in day. While a lot of us complain about that simply not being enough time, there are a few people who seem to magically achieve far more during this time than the rest of us. And, they manage to do it while still finding time for themselves.

8 Mindset Shifts To Help You Tap Into A Sense Of Purpose Any Time, Anywhere - MindBodyGreen

Jim Collins wrote, “It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.” If you’re in the doldrums, craving more meaning in your work life, these mindset shifts will get you on the path to a greater sense of purpose: 

Why Taking A Walk In The Park Might Be The Best Self-Care Strategy EVER - MindBodyGreen

In my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced my fair share of disappointments. Whether client deals that have fallen through, product launches that performed worse than expected, or article pitches that were rejected, dealing with setbacks is just part of business.

Five Easy Ways to Calm Your Nerves Five Minutes Before Your Job Interview - Fast Company

Let’s face it—no one likes to be judged. But like it or not, that is exactly what a job interview is: a judgment zone. It’s also your chance to show that you’re the right person for the job, but if you’re not confident that you’ve got what it takes, the interviewer won’t be either.

4 Ways to Get Re-Engaged on the Job - Thrive Global

While workers of generations past might have been willing to make do with an unfulfilling job that provided forty years of stability, today’s world is different. Now, we live in an age in which many of us expect to pursue our passions by engaging in work that makes our hearts sing.

This is a healthy change, both for individuals and the organizations in which they work. After all, when people love what they do, and see their work as a calling, they tend to have higher satisfaction on the job and in life in general.

How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise - Harvard Business Review

A couple of years ago I was invited to facilitate an offsite training for the diversity committee of a Fortune 500 company. In an era in which “diversity” has become a buzzword in the business world, the firm’s interest in the topic was both admirable and understandable.

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Job - Essence

Dreading the sound of your morning alarm? You’re not alone! Women of color are among the least contented at the workplace, with about one in three reporting overall job satisfaction, according to data crunched by Vanderbilt University.

The Simple Shift that Will Make You Appreciate Every Day - MindBodyGreen

Gratitude. It’s a practice that is the foundation of a happy life. Science has shown that it improves self-esteem, makes you more empathetic, helps you to be more resilient, and gives you an overall better sense of well-being. Gratitude also has a number of health benefits. It has been linked to reduced inflammationbetter sleep, and improved heart health.

The Four Most Common Mistakes "Nice" Leaders Make - Thrive Global

Do you aim to be a “nice” leader? The kind of leader who is always upbeat and positive, who never makes anyone uncomfortable, and who is loved by all employees?

Being nice is an admirable goal, in and out of the workplace. After all, there is mounting research that suggests that there are a lot of benefits associated with being a leader who creates a positive environment in which people can thrive.

5 Totally Doable Ways To Level Up In Your Career (That You Can Start Right Now) - MindBodyGreen

Tony Robbins said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

If you’re planning to step it up in your career this year, you’re in good company. According to one statistic, almost half of Americans set yearly goals. And, while admittedly, not all of them follow through, with some persistence and planning, you can increase the odds that you will successfully achieve yours.

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