4 Ways to Use Your Body to Boost Your Mood

By now, most of us have heard so much about the mind-body connection that there’s no question that the choices we make about how we use our bodies affect other aspects of our lives. For example,

In this latest article that I wrote for MindBodyGreen, I explore some additional interesting research about how paying attention your gait, facial expressions, and posture can have an impact on your emotional well-being.  They’re some really simple tips to apply that can make your life significantly better. Check them out!

Have you ever seen someone practically skipping down the sidewalk, exuding absolute joy? Did you ever think to yourself Wow, that person’s life must be great? Did you ever wish you had some of whatever that person possessed?

While it would be reasonable to assume that these Mary Poppins types of individuals are just naturally happy people who happen to show it in their enthusiastic walks, a research study out of Queen’s University shows that things could also work the other way around: the way people walk could also have a role in affecting their moods.

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