Five Things ‘The Consummate Leader’ Will Teach You

The countdown is on until my book, The Consummate Leader, is released.  This is a book I have written to help readers to transform their doubts about how to become effective leaders into assurance that they are engaging in the right practices to fulfill their leadership potentials. Drawing on my experience as a management consultant as well as my love of positive psychology, I have written The Consummate Leader to act as a comprehensive manual for anyone who wants to improve his or her leadership and management skills.

The book is filled with information from research studies, interactive exercises, personal stories, and case studies, and covers a lot of ground in enhancing leadership effectiveness.  Here are five things you will learn from reading the book:

1.  How to achieve heightened self-awareness, to affect the way you influence. 

If you want to be an outstanding leader, you must be able to have an impact on others.  Motivating others to pursue a vision or persist when the going gets tough, requires the ability to influence others.  However, if you lack self-awareness, it is likely that you are not entirely conscious of the impact your behavior is having on others.  In the book, I walk you through a series of self-reflective exercises to deepen your level of self-awareness.

2.  To build a ‘happiness toolbox’, which brings joy not only to the reader, but to those around them. 

As a leader, your moods are contagious.  As a result, it is important for leaders to ensure they are upbeat so they can positively influence those around them. In the book I have included a toolbox of sorts on which leaders can draw to enhance their overall levels of happiness. By experimenting with the happiness practices I include, the reader can find the tools that will help to lift his or her mood, and in turn, others in their vicinity.

3.  To care for yourself first, as a hallmark of effecting positive change.

No leader can have a positive impact on a team or a business without being in a good place, both physically and mentally. And, as my past posts have shown, we are whole beings, whose minds, bodies, and spirits are intertwined.  In the book I cover research that supports this assertion and provide you with specific strategies to live a balanced life.

4.  The importance of embracing personal authenticity to allow others to embrace their own.

We all possess different strengths, talents, and ideas, and the work environment benefits from each of our unique abilities.  As a leader, encouraging originality and authenticity is important; this is how diverse opinions get out on the table and the best solutions are developed. Readers will learn how to make sure they are bringing their own genuine selves to the table and how to cultivate a culture of authenticity the workplace.

5.  How to foster positive relationships in the workplace that promote greater productivity, job satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

Creating a sense of connection is an important way to boost the performance of the entire workforce.  People enjoy working for leaders they like and respect, and teams with a greater sense of camaraderie are more effective than those who are working in silos.  In the book, I review research about the importance of relationships and teach you how to deepen your connections at work.

Have I piqued your curiosity?  If you are interested in checking out the book, click here!

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