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Hi, I’m Dr. Patricia Thompson, and I’m a corporate psychologist, life coach, and author who is passionate about helping people to live their best lives, by sharing research-based and holistic strategies to help them thrive. In addition to being named by MindBodyGreen as one of the “100 Women in Wellness to Watch”, I have been featured extensively in the media on sites like CNN, Fast Company, Tiny Buddha, Entrepreneur, the Yoga Journal, the Elephant Journal, and many other publications.

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“Patricia, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how you have helped my career. I’ve gone from someone who undervalued myself and my skills to someone who knows I deserve a seat at the table. I feel so much more confident as an executive and a leader, and I have seen the difference in makes in how others respond to me. Our work together was instrumental in that, and I’ll be forever grateful.”
J.C., Florida

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