It’s time to take a bold step toward fulfilling your dreams.

I can help you with that.

It’s possible to achieve success, using your natural talents.

It’s possible to discover hidden strengths and develop in areas that could use some improvement.

And, it’s possible to do all of this, while experiencing a sense of fun, fulfillment, and purpose along the way.

Quick Question:

You have a vision of the sort of life you want, but you’re not where you want to be yet. Do you…

A. Wait, and hope things will somehow work themselves out?
B. Take the bull by the horns, and accelerate your growth by taking a bold step toward fulfilling your potential?

If you answered “B,” you’re in the right place. I’m Dr. Patricia Thompson, a corporate psychologist and life coach, and I love doing one-on-one coaching with my clients to help them meet and exceed their goals..

“Patricia is a highly skilled management consultant who effectively integrates her training as a psychologist with real-world business savvy. She has a deep knowledge of psychological assessment and an understanding of how different personalities play out in a corporate environment. In addition to her professional competencies, Patricia is a joy to work with and contributes positively to the bottom line.”

Daniel Crosby, Phd
President, IncBlot

“I have a high level of trust in Patricia – and that’s something that does not come easily for me. She is a genuinely caring person and very capable in her ability to help people. Our coaching sessions have been a tremendous help to me, professionally and personally.”

Atlanta, GA

“Patricia, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how you have helped my career. I’ve gone from someone who undervalued myself and my skills to someone who knows I deserve a seat at the table. I feel so much more confident as an executive and a leader, and I have seen the difference in makes in how others respond to me. Our work together was instrumental in that, and I’ll be forever grateful.”


“It seems like a mere thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude for how you have helped me. You exposed me to some occupations that I never would have thought of, and gave me a lot to think about career-wise. You helped me to muster up the courage to leave my old job and I am now in one that I love. Thank you!”

San Francisco

“Dr. Thompson is amazing! I was having difficulty as a budding entrepreneur with certain sticking points that were affecting my output. After a series of sessions with Dr. T I experienced an outlook adjustment that has helped me soar in productivity and bottom line results. Thank you.”

Baltimore, MD

Do you relate to any of these?

When it comes to your life and work, you:
In order to grow, you’re:

If this sounds like you – great! Keep reading.

One-on-one coaching with me will accelerate your development and enable you to accomplish your goals with confidence.

While many coaches offer one-size-fits-all packages, I recognize that you are a unique individual with unique needs and a unique path. So, after our initial complimentary Discovery Session I will propose a solution specifically targeted to best meet your needs. Then, as we are partnering on your development, we will have frequent check-ins to see how you are progressing and where we need to go in our work together. Because I am a solution-focused coach, my goal is to get you moving forward as quickly as makes sense for you.

Regardless of what sort of coaching solution I propose, know that we will work together to help you gain deeper self-awareness, experiment with practical strategies to develop new behaviors, brainstorm solutions, assess your progress frequently, and launch you towards becoming your best version of yourself.

I believe one of my key purposes in life is to help others to grow, develop, and have fulfilling personal and professional lives. So, be forewarned – I will push you. I truly enjoy helping you succeed, and as your accountability partner and coach, I will assign homework, communicate with you regularly, and provide you with candid feedback to help you move forward.

More About Coaching

Life Coaching

If your goal is to make some significant changes in your life, then life coaching is the way to go. Together, we will help you to set a path, address blocks that might be getting in the way, and make significant progress in your life. If you’re motivated to transform, I’d love to work with you.

The Jump-Start Session

If you have a specific problem area and need some guidance along with a shot of motivation and coaching on how to create an action plan to help move you forward, my 90-minute jump start session is for you. In our time together, we will discuss your issue, explore what is holding you back, and give you targeted steps to get you going on the right track.

Email Coaching

If you want a cost-effective way to get ongoing support, then email coaching might be the best fit for you. With this option, after an initial consultation, you’ll have access to me for a month.

Common Coaching FAQs

I take a holistic approach in which we really take your whole self into account.  After all, you take your whole self with you wherever you go, and so getting an in-depth sense of who you are is important for any sort of coaching that we will do together.  I have found that this is a critical piece of the puzzle, whether I am working with a client, or focused on my own self-development. As a result, we will explore your strengths, developmental opportunities, values, perspectives, drivers, and spiritual beliefs, and draw on them in our work together.

I am also solution-focused, and as a result, my goal is to get you the best results as quickly as possible.  While it can be helpful to understand your history to have a context for where you are now, my experience has shown me that the bulk of our time is best spent looking at the present as well as forward to the future you are creating, as opposed to staying stuck in the past.

I also believe in focusing on your strengths, so we can help you to showcase your unique assets to your best possible advantage. Research shows that using your strengths at work allows you to be more productive, happier, and fulfilled. We will definitely work on areas that could use some development as well. That way, we can make sure you continue to raise the bar for yourself as a whole.

You should expect assignments to do between sessions, and know that I will be available as a resource by email in between our points of contact, to make sure you have everything you need to get the best results.

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and have provided psychotherapy to a wide range of people including college students, individuals in the community, couples, groups, and individuals with persistent and serious mental illness. For 5 years, I taught psychology courses at the university level, and designed training programs for community groups. I have also coached individuals in corporations from front-line staff to Fortune 500 CEOs by utilizing psychological assessment, executive coaching, teambuilding, training, employee engagement surveys, organizational cultural audits, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and a whole lot of other stuff. I have assessed and coached thousands of people, and have loved every minute of it. (Okay, maybe not EVERY minute, but 99% of them). If you would like to read more about my background, click here.

No, coaching isn’t therapy. While there is definitely some overlap between coaching and therapy, coaching isn’t geared toward treating psychological problems. If I determine that you would be better suited for psychotherapy, I will let you know.  Although I am a licensed psychologist, I want to make sure you can get the level of support you need, which is someone in your area with whom you can meet regularly.  So, I will do my best to help you get connected to someone local to you, to make sure you are in the best hands for whatever issues may be facing.

Awesome, of course!  Seriously, though – clients have described me as being intelligent, insightful, non-judgmental, empathetic, funny, knowledgeable, encouraging, and honest. They describe our sessions as empowering, challenging, focused, and valuable.  I sincerely care about my clients, and want the best for them. I enjoy having deep conversations with you to help you peel back the layers to have a more well-rounded understanding of yourself, while at the same time, ensuring we focus on practical strategies to move you forward. It really is my goal to have you experience the most growth in the shortest span of time possible, while also meeting you where you are at in terms of readiness for change.

While I don’t use personality tests for everyone, when we decide to go that route, I have found that the data the personality instruments provide allow us to bypass some of the exploration and figuring stuff out, to get right to the heart of the matter. One of the keys to all development is self-awareness, and the personality instruments can help to accelerate that process by provide objective information about your strengths, areas for development, and even blind spots you may not know about. Also, as a licensed psychologist, I have access to a lot of measures that other non-psychologist coaches are unable to use. Remember, you don’t have to do a personality assessment (my Jump Start and a la carte sessions don’t include them), so the choice is yours.

There are some user-friendly tests that I give to my clients, though there are a few others that I have to hang on to because of rules for psychologists (in order to keep the tests secure, we can’t give them out, because people could distribute them and undermine their validity. I know YOU wouldn’t do it, but I have ethical guidelines to uphold)! Rest assured, however, that I will thoroughly review the data with you and explain the implications for where you are right now, and where you would like to go.

Ah – the million dollar question! In reality, a lot of the results you get from coaching are dependent on you. Your presenting issue, degree of effort, and willingness to implement the strategies we talk about, are just a few of the variables at play in terms of your progress. Plus, everyone is different (which is why I customize packages to your unique needs). Some people take a little time to get comfortable and open up, while others are at ease self-disclosing. Some people are a little ambivalent about change whereas others are ready to get going as soon as possible. Regardless of where you are in terms of readiness for change, rest assured that I am on your side, and am fully committed to give you the best possible coaching, based on my many years of experience.

Whichever sort of coaching you choose, know that I will be here as your cheerleader and advisor, partnering with you to get outstanding results.

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