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You’re an okay manager, but you want to take your leadership skills to the next level. You want to be one of those leaders people look up to – the kind who truly inspires, engages, and transforms.

I get it, and that’s not an overly ambitious goal – that reality is within your reach.

I wrote The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others…and in Yourself for people like you. Leaders (or leaders-to-be) who don’t just want to go through the motions of directing their departments and getting things done, but instead, want to accomplish big goals in an environment that enables teams to flourish, with a sense excitement and energy about work that is contagious. Drawing on my years of experience as a corporate psychologist, executive coach, university instructor, therapist, and researcher, I put my best knowledge, experiences, and strategies into the book, to change the way people approach leadership and life. I’m so proud of this book, and have been humbled by the wonderful feedback it has received. Read below to learn more about it.

Exceptional leaders inspire others to dream, fill them with a sense of passion, and expertly guide the way to achieving outstanding results; in short, great leaders can change the world.

Yet, as we strive to move and motivate people in our given fields, many of us are unsure of how to best develop the untapped potential in others…as well as in ourselves.

In The Consummate Leader, award-winning corporate psychologist and management consultant Dr. Patricia Thompson transforms uncertainty into confidence, drawing on both scientific research and her decade-long experience advising senior leaders.  In this holistic and interactive guide to professional development, she illustrates  the seven keys to becoming an impeccable leader, including how to:

In her accessible and often humorous style – utilizing notable lessons from Nelson Mandela to SpongeBob SquarePants – Thompson reveals why truly outstanding leaders not only focus on strategy, metrics, and execution, they also tend to their minds, bodies, and spirits.  Chock-full of real-life examples, thought-provoking exercises, and personal stories, The Consummate Leader is an indispensable book that will reshape the way you approach leadership – and life.

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Praise for The Consummate Leader

An invaluable, insightful, even artful book, Dr. Thompson’s The Consummate Leader offers a vision of you at your best. Everyone wants to be as effective, creative, and successful as possible, and this book shows you how. Excellent!”
Marshall Goldsmith, author of New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
“While most leadership books err on the side of syrupy platitudes or dusty research, Patricia Thompson’s The Consummate Leader is that rare combination of practical wisdom filled with heart. I am confident that the principles contained in this book can be of immediate benefit to leaders at all levels if they are considered and applied in the way outlined by Dr. Thompson.”
Daniel Crosby, PhD, President, IncBlot
“In The Consummate Leader, Patricia Thompson masterfully blends psychology, spirituality and the science behind effective leadership. She presents evidence and poses questions that really make you stop and think. Having served as an evangelist for over two decades and currently championing emotional intelligence in the workplace, I find this book to be an invaluable resource. Embrace the lessons contained within its pages, and you will elevate the way you lead and live.”
Richard Hua, Senior Sales Consultant and Technical Architect, Oracle
“Whether you’re a young leader starting out in your career, or a self-styled management expert like me, this book can help you improve your leadership skills, your business performance, and your life. The Consummate Leader is an important work that deserves to have a major impact on today’s workplace. I’ll be sharing it with all the leaders I work with. Once you finish it, I suspect you’ll do the same.”
Chris Yeh, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Co-Author of The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age
“The Consummate Leader is a book that is applicable to leaders in a variety of fields. Identifying work that is truly meaningful to you, connecting with others in an authentic way, and skillfully coaching and mentoring are invaluable skills that can benefit all people in positions of influence. Whether you aspire to leadership or are already directing others, Thompson’s The Consummate Leader will help you enhance your skills.”
Ron Kellman, President & CEO Sports Tourism International and Sports Horizons Group, Inc.
“This is not your everyday HOW TO. Thompson, with her wit, experience, and knowledge manages to gently coerce the reader to better him/herself through exercises, encouragement, and common sense. By sharing her personal experiences, failures, and success stories – as well as those of numerous people she has helped in her brilliant career – she opens a door that many fear is closed. She remains true to her core beliefs and yet doesn’t preach. Her anecdotes resonate and her message is clear: Set a goal, work hard at reaching it, and the results will follow. Above all, she reminds us of our humanity; though we may fail, there are various ways to measure success. And through it all, the reader is encouraged to push and work at achieving a higher state of being. No matter who we are or what our goals may be, we are encouraged to strive to be the best we can be: as the consummate leader – and even the consummate self.”
Daniel Beauchemin, Global Management and Corporate Image Design Consultant Co-Founder, MPA Art Consultancy
The Consummate Leader is an uplifting book about the person behind the leader. With a healthy balance of examples, evidence, and exercises, Patricia Thompson guides us toward greater authenticity and self-awareness.”
Adam Grant, Wharton professor and bestselling author of Give and Take
“In the conversationally written The Consummate Leader, Thompson effectively underscores the importance of leaders knowing themselves deeply, being guided by meaning and purpose, connecting with others in an authentic fashion, maintaining a positive outlook, sharing their perspectives in a genuine manner, and mentoring and coaching others. This book integrates real-world examples with relevant science in a way that encourages and supports individuals to enhance their leadership competence. The author’s approach to leadership is refreshing and very humanistic and will appeal to individuals wanting to begin a career in leadership, as well as those with considerable leadership experience.”
Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, ABPP 2014 President, American Psychological Association Professor and Vice Chair, Emory University School of Medicine
“True leadership results in capturing the heart and minds of others. Patricia Thompson’s The Consummate Leader provides leaders with the tools to achieve this feat. This book represents wisdom in theory and practice, and inspires leaders to reach for the balance and joy that accompanies deeper self-knowledge. I consider this a must-read for those who aspire to not simply be leaders, but to be luminaries for others.”
Karen Watts, Chief Nursing Officer, Northeast Georgia Health System
“Patricia has wonderful insights into how self-awareness, self- management, a positive attitude, and effective relationship skills can be used effectively in an organization. She makes a strong case that her seven key characteristics found in consummate leaders can be developed, but she also emphasizes that personal development takes discipline, self-monitoring, practice, and feedback. This is a wonderful guide for personal growth.”
Barry Blakley, Ph.D., M.Div. Minister of Hopewell United Methodist Church, Gainesville, GA
“Dr. Patricia Thompson’s The Consummate Leader is a hugely refreshing read! It is a wonderful balance of the theoretical and the practical. She outlines exercises and explanations of the ‘key’ to each and shows how best to pull it all together – with a clear, straightforward, and at times conversational writing style. She lays out a credible roadmap for personal and professional development and shows the reader how to be leaders in both areas. What’s more, she is generous in sharing her own experiences and journey of self- exploration. Her passion for and love of her work jumps off each page, and her holistic approach gives the reader thoughts for reflection right away. This book is a gift!”
Patricia Masters Daniels, Retired Global HR Operations Leader Mercer (a Marsh & McLennan Company)
“The Consummate Leader is different from the many other leadership books I have come across. It not only provides you with actionable strategies to improve professionally, it also causes you to take a long hard look at yourself to grow on a personal level. I highly recommend it.”
Joslyn Gordon, Chief Engineer, Lynk Systems

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