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I’m Dr. Patricia Thompson. I’m a licensed psychologist, life coach, and author, who was named by MindBodyGreen and Athleta as one of the 100 Women to Watch in Wellness.  I have been working with clients for over 15 years helping them to achieve happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from low-income individuals with serious mental illness, to college students, to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies (and a lot of people in between). And, in my work, I have found that for the majority of my clients, romantic relationships are a very important part of their lives.

This isn’t surprising. After all, regardless of our station in life, we all want love, connection, and validation.  When our relationships are going well, they can be an incredible source of support and happiness in our lives. However, when they aren’t going well, they can be a significant source of stress.

I created this short relationship quiz based on research so you can get a quick overview of how you are doing in your relationship. Click on the button below to take it.

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