Email Coaching

If you want a cost-effective way to get advice, encouragement, and suggestions on the go, then e-mail coaching might be a good option for you. Let’s face it, not everyone needs ongoing coaching. Or, your schedule might not jive with mine, yet you know you could benefit from my expertise.

A lot of people prefer the flexibility of being able to get in touch with me via email. And, with my email coaching package, you’ll get an initial 30-minute consultation, and then unlimited email interaction for 30 days (I respond to all emails within 24 hours). Since a lot of the benefit from coaching comes from you trying out assignments between sessions, this can be a really efficient way for us to work together.

What is included in the email coaching package:

COST: $350.00

Your email coaching package includes:

I have limited slots available.

Need to inquire about availability or ask any questions about email coaching?

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