Consummate Leader Facebook Group Launch

I’m so excited to announce that I just launched my Consummate Leader Facebook group!  

If you’ve been exploring the site, you know that I’m passionate about helping people to become more effective leaders – the kind who inspire and engage teams to accomplish audacious goals. However, as someone who has been consulting to corporate clients for over 10 years, it has become very clear to me that, through no fault of their own, a lot of people feel lost about how to best go about leading others in a way that feels authentic to them. 


Do any of these sound like you?

-You were promoted because you were good at your job, but you never got any real leadership training.

-You know how to do the nuts and bolts of setting meetings and delegating, but you are unsure about how to deal with certain types of personalities effectively.

-You are still trying to determine a leadership style that feels right to you.

-You are uncomfortable giving corrective feedback to people, and know that you could use some help with your coaching skills.

-You feel pretty good about your leadership skills, but you are always looking for ways to improve.

I created this group for leaders and leaders-to-be to vent, share successes, ask questions, learn helpful leadership tips, and get support from others. Together, we will all become better leaders and impact the world.


I encourage you to join the group right now and introduce yourself!

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