Seven Tips For a Whole Hearted Career

I have been on a bit of a tear in terms of guest blog posts, and so, here is another one I wrote for  In this article I address the issue of how to have a career that in which you are not only successful, but truly fulfilled by your work.  It is based in large part on my book, The Consummate Leader.  Check it out!


As a corporate psychologist, I get into a lot of discussions with people about their careers. And, when I talk to some people, it would seem that fulfillment and work are like the chupacabra – something that is supposed to exist according to folklore, but that they have seen no trace of in the real world.

Well, fair reader, I am here to tell you this legendary pairing exists!

When I am asked how to achieve the sometimes seemingly elusive sweet spot of a career that brings both happiness and success, these are the tips I give to those who want to enjoy a wholehearted and fulfilling professional life.

1.  Know Thyself 

Regardless of what you pursue, self-awareness provides you with a firm foundation for excellence. Reflect on your strengths, areas for growth, and stress triggers.  Armed with an understanding of where you are your best, be intentional about using your strengths ad choosing jobs and projects that allow you to shine. At the same time, have specific goals that will allow you to work on the areas in which you are not as strong. This will ensure you are consistently growing and developing.


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