3 Ways to Stay Upbeat as a Working Mom

Here is a guest blog I wrote for Family Friendly Working on how to keep your stress at bay when you’re a working parent.


The life of a mumpreneur is one filled with lots of challenges.  On the work front, there is the constant need to bring in revenue, provide quality customer service, and attend to all the administrative aspects of the business. On the home front, balancing the needs of your children, significant other (if you have one) and yourself can be a real challenge.

At times, all of the competing demands can feel overwhelming. Yet, the research tells us that it is important for us to stay upbeat through it all: leaders who take a positive approach are more effective at sales, have more productive staffs, and ultimately, more successful businesses.  And, not surprisingly, people who are more positive also enjoy better health, stronger relationships, and a greater overall sense of wellbeing.

So, how does a busy mum stay happy and centered while juggling the two full time jobs of motherhood and work? Read on for some suggestions:


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