Previewing The Consummate Leader – an Infographic

In my work with leaders of varying levels of experience, I am consistently asked to suggest books that will enable them to learn how best to  fulfill their potentials and help others to do the same.  While I have found there are a lot of books that can teach specific leadership skills, I have also felt that many books lacked the tools to help the reader to take the deep self-reflective dive that is so important for personal development.  My book, The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others…and in Yourself, is designed to fill that gap.  By drawing on research and my professional experience, I have put together an interactive book designed to guide the reader toward greater effectiveness and fulfillment as a leader.  I truly believe it will transform lives.

The release of the book just one month away!  However, in case you are curious about what is in it, here is a preview!  Read below for an infographic that outlines the seven key qualities exhibited by exceptional leaders.


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