4 Lessons from Yoga You Can Apply To Your Work Life

I love yoga.  It is a relaxing way to connect with my body, stretch out my muscles, and bring peace to my mind.  It has also be linked to reduced stress, increased clarity for decision-making, and potentially lowered health care costs.  I have also found that I often leave my classes filled with lessons to apply to my personal and professional lives.  Since I love yoga so much, I decided to guest blog about it on The Yoga Blog.  Here it is:


Most days, I am rushing. 

Rushing to meet the demands of my senior executive clients.  Rushing to turn around reports with tight deadlines.  Rushing from one appointment to the next. 

So, my Tuesday evening restorative yoga classes are a welcome departure from the day-to-day grind of my work in corporate America. 

Yet, while the time on my mat is a world away from the hubbub of my professional environment, I have learned many life lessons from the practice that I bring to my work.  

Here are the top four things my practice has taught me:

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